Cedar Horse Club Roundpenning Clinic

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Auditor's receive a $10 rebate credit towards a regular priced lesson or clinic

This clinic will be for 4 horses at a special CHC price of $50 $40 each.
Horses will be worked individually by Trish and their owners
from 10-12 and 1-3

Please arrive by 9:30 to settle your horse in.  

Auditers can register below - Participants please contact me HERE.

Auditing is Only $10 for 4+ hours of Instruction.

Questions from everyone are encouraged.  
Please arrive by 9:45.
Knowledge is cumulative and we start promptly at 10am.

Pre-registration is required.

12-1 Social Time - Bring Your Own Lunch OR Something for the Potluck .

Dress Warm, Bring Food, a Beverage and a Chair.

Auditor Registration

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1. Payment is due with registration.2. Registration is non-refundable but may be transferred by prior arrangement. 3. No Dogs are allowed and I will leave my Dog AT HOME - NOT in the car.

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