Trish Hyatt Groundwork Clinics

Next Clinics TBA or suggest your own dates. Limited to 6 Horses

Groundwork lessons with Trish are suitable for everyone.
And Especially for people that want More from their horse.

What happens in a groundwork clinic?

... well that depends.

If you signed up to watch the Free interview videos you will have learned some of what we'll start with.

And Why!

High headed, braced and full of adrenaline.

High headed, braced and full of adrenaline.

It is about developing a common language.

One the horse is very familiar with.

And then using that language to communicate,
to develop a partnership,

A True Partnership

And Then What?

Once we're speaking the same language,
we can learn to dance together.

... But How?

We'll use Push, Block and Draw energies, appropriately,  to shape the horse.

We'll show the horse where to go,
By telling  him where not to go.

Most importantly we'll show the horse How to go.

Liberty with Boomer

The conversation will progress through various levels that may include working on a short line, then a longer line while we learn to assess and align our horse and ourselves both physically and mentally.

As we get more comfortable with our body position we may advance to driving lines and

Ride our horse from the ground.

Other Dates by Request
  • half day clinics
  • full day clinics

Dates TBA or suggest your own, 9am - Noon

Perfect Introduction to New Concepts - $75

We start with what you and your horse need most to improve your communication
and add in skills that will build towards your final goals, as time allows.

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The proper position for in-hand leading work on true bend is beside the shoulder. That keeps you safe from bites, kicks and striking.

Murray learning to pack Boomer

Introduction to work on the lunge includes correct bend and body alignment of human and horse.

Candace driving Peanut

After proper preparation, ground driving allows you to further your communication skills and transition to riding work.