Trish Hyatt Testimonials

Jane Stone

Trish has helped me immensely with my horse’s ground work and trailer loading. He is now more focused on me and that is making everything easier!

Jane Stone (EC High Performance Coach)

Murray Campbell

When you first see Trish work horses it looks like magic. A nimble dance at the center of a thundering circle of hooves. Horses turning, bowing, watching....

And then you begin to understand that she is teaching you a language; subtle, nuanced and richer than you had ever imagined. You learn a new vocabulary. The shift of weight on your feet, the balance and timing of hoof beats. The angle of your hip. The feel of contact, soft on your hands. And the horses understand. A whole new world opens before you.

Trish has transformed the way I interact with my horses. It is deeply gratifying, addictive even, to experience this level of communication and connection with another species. To see the level of trust and respect that is possible.

Murray learning to pack Boomer

Horses require us to dwell in the present moment. Demand us to be grounded, to be be aware. They teach us gentleness and sensitivity, strength and courage. Patience, always.

They make us better human beings.

Murray Campbell (Occasional Apprentice, Farrier)

Mariah Wallener

Pep talk before Dressage Test

Having taken riding lessons for well over ten years, I can honestly say that Trish Hyatt is the Real Deal. She is that rare combination of skilled, knowledgeable horse trainer and excellent instructor. Not everybody who knows how to ride can communicate well with students, or convey the necessary imagery and instruction to truly improve a student's riding skills. Trish can. In my two years of lessons with Trish my riding improved more than it had over many years with previous trainers. What's more, Trish was the first to integrate my riding lessons with ground work and horse communication. It was a revelation to me that the work we do on the ground can translate directly to work in the saddle.

Trish taught me to be mindful of my body language around horses. I realized that, so often, I was wanting the horse to do one thing but, unknowingly, my body was telling the horse to do something completely different! Through Trish I am slowly learning the language of Equus and it has added a whole other dimension to my experience with horses. Finally, they say if you want to evaluate a trainer, watch their horses. Trish's horses are a true reflection of her training and skill: gentle, generous, willing, athletic, and happy. I cannot offer a better recommendation than that!

Mariah Wallener, Duncan

Mariah warming up for Dressage Test at Queen Margarents

Roisin Brennan

Roisin from Ireland on Partner

I apprenticed with Trish from June 2010 until November 2010. In this short space of time I learned more about horses than I have in the past 15 years of owning horses and ponies.

Trish is a triple gold certified Chris Irwin trainer and in September of this year I achieved my silver in both riding and groundwork. While working here I was lucky enough to work with numerous different horses, all different breeds, ages and temperaments. I believe it is because of this I was able to achieve my silver.

In the evenings I was also able to ride Trish's lesson horses so I could practice all the things she had taught me that day. Trish taught me to be more of a proactive problem solver and how to think like a trainer. Every question I asked was always answered with great detail and she would always explain to me why things were done a certain way. Trish has a great deal of in depth knowledge about horses from bits and teeth,to feet and conformation as well as both English and western riding techniques.

Trish is based on a beautiful farm near Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island.  Trail riding was always good fun and I learned a lot about local wildlife, plants and herbs also. Trish has a great deal of experience trail riding, she has a lot of interesting stories from her travels and from listening to them I was able to learn a lot of valuable lessons when out on the trails.

Trish's herd of horses are probably the nicest and most sensible group of horses I have ever worked with. I did everything from round penning, lunging, ground driving and riding with them and they taught me a lot too. Its a great place to learn as you will get to see lots of different horses in for training with different personalities and dispositions, I learned how to deal with everything from the hot horse to the lazy horse and how not all horses can be trained exactly the same.

Roisin lunging with the Vienna rein


Trish is a kind and patient woman who will teach you all you want to know if you are willing to learn. I would strongly recommend apprenticing with Trish to anybody who wants to learn more about horse training, become a more confident rider or simply wants to learn about what it takes to have a career with horses.

It truly was a life changing experience for me and if my work visa wasn't up and I didn't have to leave Canada I would stay there for as long as I could!

Roisin Brennan, Ireland

(Former Apprentice, Now Certified Trainer)

Meryle Hilberry

I’ve known Trish for about 15 or 16 years. Early on we asked for her help to train a Percheron for riding and to convert a Standard Bred from a track horse to a safe trail riding animal. Both my husband and myself were absolute beginners for which I am very grateful, because from the beginning we received the benefit of Trish’s knowledge and expertise. She gave us our introduction to living with horses and her instruction formed the foundation for all our experiences. We now have 5 horses – one Standard Bred who is quite elderly, two Percherons and two Friesians.

Over the years I have had other instruction but only Trish has been consistent in addressing the following:

  • What is the horse presenting (in all it’s nuance) and how is that affecting the current riding or handling experience.
  • How is the rider or handler’s behaviour affecting the horse.
  • How to read accurately the actual communication between human and horse and what to do about it in order to have a harmonious and happy experience for both horse and human.
  • Ultimate and continuous success requires attending to the details as they present so that small problems do not become big problems.

This past year I asked Trish to help me with our young Friesian who had a characteristic common to his breed. He held his head high causing an over development of muscle on the underside of his neck (ewe neck), a hard back and unmotivated movement from the hind. He also loved the adrenaline rush of the high head movement making him a problem on trail rides where he loved to spook for the excitement of it all. I thought he was maybe not destined as a riding horse and my experiences were frustrating.

Trish has worked with both of us in her patient and detailed way revealing a methodology for changing the movement under saddle into a balanced and comfortable experience. My horse has become less excitable and better understands his job. Together we are building muscle and fitness to carry ourselves. His body dynamic is changing and he has a softer eye. I am learning to communicate clearly with my horse the result being his agreement to my reasonable requests. I am so thrilled by this learning!

I am becoming increasingly conscious of body language and how to school myself to be purposeful in all my movement for clear and precise communication. Loving a horse is very easy – they are beautiful creatures. Learning to be the kind of human worthy of their trust is a big responsibility. Trish has given me many tools for the job. I’m sticking with you Trish.

Meryle Hilberry

Duncan BC

The determined look of concentration while applying the lesson learned with the pool noodle pony to riding a shoulder in.

Alison Mitchell

Alison sharing a moment with Quest

I want to thank you for all your help thus far with Quest (I know it will be on-going as we go out and about and go to the horse shows!).
You have taught me how to connect with my horse on a level that makes sense to him and which has deepened our communication. You have given me many tools to allow me to communicate with my horse for our mutual enjoyment. I am able to trail ride him through still and moving water, under branches, and over fallen logs, open gates from the saddle etc. I have the tools to deal with a very large and noisy barking dog running straight at us.

We couldn't have done any of this a year ago, so I am very grateful to you for all that you have taught us together. Both horse and owner are so much happier. Knowing how to communicate in a way that is clear and concise for both of us is quite amazing really. I look forward to working together again, once I am able to get to new venues, as that will provide lots of interesting new issues to deal with I know. Thank you for changing my relationship with my horse, to enable us to enjoy our time together in a more relaxed and harmonious fashion.

Most Sincerely,

Alison and Quest.

Candace Gibson

Hi Trish,

I just received your newest newsletter. I would like to say congratulations on your success! I'm so happy for you! I think it's amazing that you spend your life helping others, and helping horses. I think it's absolutely amazing, and the world needs more people like you. I'd also like to congratulate you on Roisin's certification! I'm so happy for the both of you!

Every day I miss horses, and miss the feeling I had when making progress with the horses, and myself. When I leave to go to work in the morning, I always look at my certificates on my wall, and have it as a constant reminder of what I want my future to hold, and the lessons I have learned.​

I want you to know how much I needed you in my life. You taught me more in one year, than I could have ever learned in a life time on my own. I owe the person I have become, the person I am proud to be to the many lessons you, and the horses, have taught me.

Candace on Missy

You and the horses have taught me confidence. That if I suck it up, and stop making excuses to get out of hard work, that I can do anything. You taught me just what I was capable of doing. My life before you felt doomed right from the start. I felt that all I had in life was what my parents had laid out for me. That I was destined to become an alcoholic that couldn't hold down a job, and had to rely on men to get me through life, even if life was miserable. You, and horses, changed that for me. You taught me that life was whatever I made of it. That it was going to be hard work, but the harder I worked, the more gratifying it would be.

You taught me that I am my own worst enemy. A burden that I still carry, but am now aware of. That's another important lesson you have taught me. Awareness. To be cautious of my surroundings, of what others' body language is telling me, and what my own body language is expressing to the environment around me. The horses showed me this in explicit detail. If I was too big, too loud, too cocky, they would challenge me, and make work a lot harder than it needed to be. Or worse, they would try to run away from me, bang their hooves off of the round pen wall trying to escape my overbearing pressure. They really are a mirror.

Candace driving Peanut

You taught me how to calm myself. How to ground, center, have soft eyes. To feel, rather than to look. The horses once again made me practice this lesson. If they came with an attitude, or were feeling a little full of themselves, or were even timid, as long as I breathed, felt where they were rather than looked at them, grounded myself, they would respond. They would let go of their tight neck muscles, their eyes would soften, they would lick and chew their mouths.

You taught me focus. That I could stand out in the rain, freezing cold, with an enormous, yearling stud colt in front of me, and as long as I was focused, he was focused. What an amazing feeling to have a warm-blood stud colt feel that I am so focused, so aware, that he was safe to nod off for a nap under my care and watch.

Every day I keep the lessons you and the horses have taught me close. When I'm feeling stressed, and braced from the pressures of work, I remind myself to breathe, center, ground. I go from being braced and inverted, to soft, and calm. Able to handle the day's pressures with a level head, and to be able to lead my staff, as an alpha mare might lead her herd. When I'm feeling frustrated, or angry, and I am driving Dave away from me, I am able to breathe, center, and ground. I change my body language, I soften my eyes, and am able to draw him back to me. I can admit my faults now. I can admit when I am wrong now, and am able to make a serious plan, a training program, for myself.

Here in the present, I am an assistant manager in a clothing store. It is what pays the bills, keeps me afloat, and allows me to pay off my debts for right now. In my future, I know I'm with horses. Whether as a trainer, a coach, or an owner, I am with them. But I am always with the lessons you and the horses have taught me. I have the happy (although horseless) life I had never thought possible for myself. I have the supportive, amazing boyfriend I had once before thought I would never deserve. I have confidence, self discipline, and the drive to always make myself a better person.

So thank you. Thank you for taking the time to be my mentor. You were more than a horse training mentor, but a life mentor as well. You have given me, and the others I share my life with, an amazing gift. I just wanted you to know.

Congrats again on your success, you deserve it! I hope your next year can be even better!

Candace Gibson (Former Apprentice, Now Certified Trainer)

Anne Kerswell

After I saw Trish work with her horses at a free demo, I was hooked. She spoke the language of equus/horse with her body that was received with absolute respect and communication by her horses. The results seemed magical, I knew that this was the missing link with myself and my horse, I couldn't wait to get started!

I have spent a month so far training with Trish and the difference in my knowledge and the performance in my dressage prospect is thrilling!

The Trish Hyatt system of training from the ground work up, including long reining, translates to the saddle smoothly for both horse and rider Our future looks very exciting now, it could so easily have been the opposite! I continue to look forward to many more training sessions with Trish in the future, thank you,

Anne Kerswell and Diablo

Anne and Diablo the dressage horse crossing water

Gina Quinlan

I took my two young geldings (and myself) for a month of training/apprenticeship with Trish after watching a couple of her demos. I had grown up with horses, but was newly introduced to them after a long break (20 years) and was not sure if I could still do it.

I know that when I was young I was a pretty good communicator with ALL animals, I really believed that and it worked for me but after a nasty divorce and several tough years I kind of lost faith in myself.

Trish taught me a whole new way to communicate with them, using body language which they obviously understood but seemed foreign to me after all these years.

I believe she has tapped into a very long standing and ancient way of communicating with the horse which should be natural to us in our relationship with them, which can be easily lost if it is not used but can also be relearned.

One of my horses was a difficult (newly gelded) colt who had not been handled much and had little respect or trust for people. He was a handful, but within a day or so Trish had him under control and learning new things.

I also learned a lot about how to communicate with him on HIS level, and how to deal with him in sticky situations. Our journey is still ongoing but I have found Trish's advice and lessons invaluable.

Gina Quinlan

Kathy Peers

Hi Trish,

I attended your 'Introduction to 'Non Resistance Training' demo yesterday and I just wanted to say that I felt that you explained and demonstrated the importance of our body language and position when working with our horses better than any other clinician, book or DVD that I have seen to date. You also shared a lot of valuable information for a free demo, wish I could remember all that you said!

Thank you so much!

Kathy Peers

Lynn Bolton

Hi Trish, Just wanted to thank you for the clinic yesterday, we all enjoyed it very much. I wanted to compliment you on the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of your working arena and also on the lovely condition of your horse pupils!

It was most enjoyable and a reminder of the importance of body language and consistency in handling our equine friends.

Hope to see you again soon,

Lynn Bolton